View Full Version : computer stuff and Sony MD for sale

11-28-2005, 02:18 AM
Im trying to sell some computer stuff i either dont use or dont need anymore.
1. Linksys wireless router 802.11b -$50
2. 2 slots of 256mb RAM from my 2004 Sony Vaio Labtop- $50 each
3. Hawking wireless card - $30
4. 100MB iomega Zip disc drive - $50
4. Sony net MD (MZ-N1) - $150

Ok, so everything is is mint condition. The router was used for like 3 months until Bell gave me a free wireless router/modem all in one. thats why i dont need it. I just put 2 slots of 512MB in my labtop so these are up for sale (512MB all together). My new labtop came with an internal wireless card so thats why im selling the hawking. i just bought a 1GB usb memory stick so i dont have anymore use for the zip drive. Finally, The Sony MD is in mint, mint shape, barely used it as i drive all the time. Used it for a few months on the ttc before i got my car. I also have brand new blank tapes i could throw in.

Actualy, u can check the automotive classifieds but i have a 98 328is stock muffler, cat back, 4 years old because it was replaced with a brand new exhaust before warranty expired- $100

Thats it.