View Full Version : Power question (bit of a read, help appreciated)

11-19-2005, 01:58 AM
I've decided what i want to do for power mods for my car. I want some advice as to if this is a good idea or whatnot. I'll list some specific concearns at the end

-Cosmos CAI
-m3 3.2cams (i think i'll buy jazz's)
-m50 manifold
-Software (mabye EAT, it seems rather expensive compared to other software updates)

and i decided that im not going to get a UUC stage II clutch kit. After talking to several people, if i understand correctly, i really dont think my car will be making enough power to really need an m5 pressure plate and whatnot, so when i update my clutch, i may just get a lightweight flywheel.

Two specific concearns.

My odometer reads 170350 Kms. Although many people have assured me otherwise, im a little worried that installing cams with so much more agressive profiles could blow my engine. Is this true?

And lastly, I was curious as to the order that I should do all these things. I dont have the cash to do everything at once, if i wait three months i could do it all in the same week. From what i understand it makes lots of sense to install the manifold and the cams at the same time.

any advice would be greatly appreciated

11-19-2005, 07:03 AM
I'd go for the UUC stageII flywheel, don't get it just for more clamping force from the clutch. The M5 clutch is supposed to last longer, and be quieter then a normal flywheel.

And have no worries regarding the cams, M3 cams aren't that hot compared to stock, you will notice a definate increase in power, but the cams won't blow your engine.