View Full Version : /// M3 (E90) news! - will come in hardtop convertible, sedan, fixed roof coupe

11-07-2005, 12:12 PM
Grabbed this snippet from www.e90post.com

-e90 cabrio and Ms: the open top 3 will have a hard top build by Edscha. It will also have the first application of BMW direct injection in NG6 (Yahoooo...!!!). Big news: there will be a separate - hard top coupé e90, in addition to the convertable. The M versions will spann the cabrio, coupé, sedan and will be moved by a 400+ hp V8 (non turbo - go figure why they are going to put a turbo on the X5?). The Ms come on line starting in 2007.

Can't wait to see the various M3 forms! Especially that hardtop convertible *wiggle*