View Full Version : Two guys defy the laws of physics.

10-30-2005, 03:20 PM
These two dudes, are break dancing. One guy seriously defies at least three of the laws of physics. One cool video. Even if you don't enjoy break dancing. You're jaw will hit the floor several times.

35 megs download

Justin e36
10-31-2005, 08:18 PM
Thanks for that link. The black dude is one of my favorite b-boys of all time... he has incredible forearm strength to pull off a lot of those moves. I'm still trying to do his push-ups with his feet 1 foot off the ground. My ex-gf was a b-girl and I used to go to a lot of these breakoff, powermoves, and footwork battles... these things were incredibly intense.

If you want to see some good moves, rent any of the IBE DVD's. IBE 2005 was released just last week.. 4 hours, 2 dvd's from the International Breakdance Expo. The videos don't do them justice, these compos in person with the crowds roaring, it's insane. Here's a sample of what to expect on the DVD: http://www.dopestylez.com/dl.php?nomvideo=YnJlYWstNTUwLndtdg==&code=MzA0

*note: this is a 60mb download.