View Full Version : brake porsche caliper for the Z3m & M3 E36

10-28-2005, 11:00 AM
Hello people
After six mount of ride on my M Coupe the brake stay in bad condition
Now after eard many owners in many boards they tell the ultimate solution for have a great braking was a big brake kit
After a looking for the marque i see the ultimate it's the brembo but whit a price really high,over 4500 for front and rear kit,many people tells good about the Ap racing and was one of cheaper kit 2500 for front and rear kit.
From few days i find a kit for mount the porsche calipers,ex 996 in the m3 and z3m,have the same braking sistem and i think to can fit it on mine Z3m.
can see the page at this link
After contac this man tell me the bracket for mount the porsche the caliper was build from the movit,contact the *uzi* movit and tell me the bracket cost
240 euro each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :confused:
Now think to buy the bracket and used porsche caliper new brake disch rotors and pads,was nearly the price of the ap racing kit and i prefer it to make this
Your know anyone producet this bracket?
Have a nice day
Grettins from rome italy *wave*

10-31-2005, 11:26 AM
any suggestion