View Full Version : C6 Z06 Testdrive Video

10-25-2005, 10:29 PM
Z06 Test-Drive broken down into 5 segments.

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Opening Sequence (http://www.purerock105.com/Video/Z06TestDriveSegmentOpen.mpg)

Dave Hill & LeMans (http://www.purerock105.com/Video/Z06TestDriveDHillLeMans.mpg)

Oconnell (http://www.purerock105.com/Video/Z06TestDriveSegmentOne.mpg)

Gordon/C6R (http://www.purerock105.com/Video/Z06TestDriveSegmentTwo.mpg)

Factory/Close (http://www.purerock105.com/Video/Z06TestDriveSegmentClose.mpg)

10-26-2005, 01:48 AM
You just looooooove Vettes hey dude :D

Im buggin ya bro, I’ve been waiting for this the vid for a long time, this beast is going to blow everything out of the water, and for what? Under 100k? incredible.

I’ve just recently become a Corvette Enthusiast Convert, very desirable machine. Probably the only domestic I really like, that and the new V series Caddies, which of course have vette hearts.

thanks for the vid man.