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10-25-2005, 12:52 AM
Ok. Here's the long term plan. I fixed my 11 button OBC today (thanks justin)

WOW its useless. So, took it out. Took out the ashtray. figure a 7 inch 16:9 screen should fit just fine. but you see, us bmw owners dont settle for just a tv in the car. f*&K that. Im planning on taking apart either an old desktop or laptop i got somewhere and wiring it all up. Ima cut through the cd changer cable to get sound. Vid directly to the screen. Also gonna pull a justin and mount some cameras, front/rear. I already have a laptop in the car for GPS, but its always lying around. I figure i'll get a wireless keyboard and a touchpad sreen. It should be handy (and useless).

Surprisingly enough, this project is looks to be cheap.

LCD is like 250 (im getting a cheap ebay one, bla bla bla nec i dont want it)
rear/front camera's 70 ea.
pc= free
gps = already have

Has anyone else done this yet? im sure someone has, mabye not exactly in this application. My main concearn now is power. I have a 75 W motomaster ac inverter, but it doesn't even supply my laptop with constant power. I think im going to buy one of those battery type things that you can boost your car with, but you leave it plugged in when the car is running so it always has a full charge. Some of them have AC adapters right on them. Should be good enough for constant power.

This project is in early planning. Work likely wont start till warm weather. (need fan delete, intake + software before then too) Just want some idea's.

10-25-2005, 09:03 AM
wow. a carputer. this has never EVER been done before.

www.google.com ftw.