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10-05-2002, 12:41 AM
The Ultimate Performance Meter

For those of us who love cars, appreciate performance and like to have options for determining how well our cars (and those of our friends and family) are performing, there is finally a high-quality, low cost "performance meter" for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Until the introduction of the G-TECH/Pro executing the 0 - 60 (acceleration) or 60 - 0 (braking distance) tests, like those the automakers perform, had to be done with bulky equipment. The testing equipment options were either a large box that attached to the front windshield of the vehicle and plugged into the vehicle's lighter or a fifth-wheel/computer setup that attached to the vehicle. The cost of these devices ranged from $350 to tens of thousands of dollars.

Now, if you want to see for yourself if your car (or others) performs as the manufacturer's specifications indicate or if you wish to simply determine if your car is in optimal operating condition you can purchase the G-TECH/Pro performance meter. This performance meter conducts a wide array of tests and analyzes 0-60 acceleration, 60-0 deceleration, 1/4 mile elapse time (the time it takes a car to do a 1/4 mile from a complete standstill), trap speed (the speed of the car at the 1/4 mile point), instantaneous and continuous G forces and horsepower. The product weighs only 4 ounces (including the connector) and is smaller than a radar detector. It attaches with a suction cup to the windshield and plugs into the lighter.

The G-TECH/Pro uses a precision silicon accelerometer, a sensor that measures the G-Forces -- gravitational pull -- generated during acceleration. Gravity is measured in "Gs." The earth's gravity is a constant: 1G, or 1 times the force of gravity, which is 32 feet per second, per second. Gravity is what keeps us in our seats as the car moves forward, rounds a corner or slows down. The faster we accelerate the more we experience gravity in the form of G-Force and the higher the number of Gs we encounter.

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