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10-19-2005, 02:00 PM
Hey guys

I just bought another car and i need this car gone ASAP!! Im open for offers, or trades, im looking for a decent LCD screen motorized for my car and a pair of subs + cash.

1988 Nissan 300zx Turbo 2+2
-190,000km on body
-70,000km On J-spec imported motor
-3.0l V6 Turbocharged (turbo still good)
-Automaitc (electric overdrive tranny)
-White ext. with Red leather interior
-Ttops (which dont leak)
-Factory LSD
-Digital dash board, parts of the electronic dash do not work
-PW,PDL,PB,Power mirrors, power drivers side seats with 9-way adjustable features (drivers side seat needs some work, a couple tears)
-Tires are at 70% tread life 225/60R/15's all round
-Extra set of rims 15' 5 start ASE aftermarket rims
-Pop-up headlights still work perfectly
-Aftermarket Reactive style muffler (not installed)

The things the car needs/whats wrong with it:

*Has a charging voltage problem, cars voltage regulator is gone means the alternator needs to be replaced because the car is charging at 14.9-15.1 Volts when its idling and nothing is on, which is cause the lights and accessories to go dim, then gets bright again.

*Headliner, the cars headliner was sagging down which is a very commen problem for these cars, so i just cut off the liner, so that needs to be replaced

*Tranny, the transmission has a severe leak, coming from between the engine oil pan and tranny housing, in all likely hood the tourque converter went, u could dump tranny fluid in, and drive around for 1 block before all the fluid leaks out again.

*Front drivers side fender, the front drivers side fender is slightly banged, not really a big deal because the car has a BRA on it, so u cant really see it that much i can get a fender for these cars for $70

Other then what i just described here, there is nothing else wrong with the car, the body is near MINT! No RUST!, this car was never winter driven, the undearneath is near increadible, and on top of that the car was coated yearly by the previous owner. This car is worth a good dollar amount once everything gets done, which was my plan but i need a car that i can drive all year round, and space for me isnt a luxury

The car should pass cert. the car was certified June 05 so it should pass, and e-test as well it will pass. I dont have pics because my digital camera isnt working, i would rather for someone to come see the car in person for it to be appreciated. Im asking $2000 obo and i am negotiable i need this car gone asap! let me know if u are intereted, i dont check here very often, so e-mail or msn would be key, and above all call me on my cell.