View Full Version : double lock/sunroof problems.

10-02-2005, 01:16 PM
I recently bought a E34 525i Touring.

It's a car with a bit attention.

But the following problem I can't figure out.

The central locking is working fine, except that the left rear door doesn't work on the central locking.
The double lock is not working.
And the double sunroof is also not working. If I push the button to close, you hear the motor and you see the front sunroof move a very little bit. but if you push to open, you don't hear anything.

Is this al related to each other?
Does the central lock nog work, if 1 door doesn't work with the central locking?


10-03-2005, 07:16 PM
Ive had many little gremlens with my central lock system on my E28, my driver door would lock all doors, but would only unlock the driver door. It was traced right back behind the door handle on the inside of the door. take the door panel off and check for power, and if there is try to follow it down. Im not sure how the E34's are compared to the E28s, but hopefully that should lead somewhere.In my E28 There was a few large connectors behind the driver kick panel speaker and if the pins are dirty or not connected 100% you may also have problems

With the sunroof issue, maybe previous owners tried to work on the sunroof, and if they removed the motor it may not have been re-positioned.

I hope this helps, again this was for my E28 so im not sure how this would differ.


12-23-2005, 05:40 AM
It's been a while that I've been here.

But good news!

After replacing the module for the roof, I still had problems.
So I started measuring the voltages at the motors.
Concluded that 1 motor didn't get power.
So I replaced that motor. Still not working right.:eek:
Then replaced the motor that I haven't changed with the motor from which I first thought it was broken.
And now it works! *th-up*

The left rear door still has problems, but I now what is.
Replacing that Central Locking Unit in the door soon.
There are now a few times he doesn't open or close with central locking, but most of the time he works fine. So, no rush :D