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09-30-2005, 09:54 AM
Some true audiophile grade car audio equipment. The gear is used but barely broken in. Out of an Impalla SS Sound Quality IASCA car used only for the last half of the 2005 season. World championships were won last year in IASCA with DLS gear. DLS is proven audiophile grade equipment for the picky listener.

ULTIMATE series A3 - two-channel amplifier rated at 2 x 100 Watts. A true, dual mono block with separate power sources that provides typical output of 2 x 150 Watts with 4 ohm stereo and 550/870 Watts with 4/2 ohm mono. The amplifier is 1 ohm stable. Built-in fan control. Built-in, variable 50-125 Hz switchable low-pass filter for subwoofers. Built-in variable 20-200 Hz. high-pass filter that can be used as a subsonic filter or high-pass filter for front systems. Dual power terminals where you can connect dual power feeds or a DLS Power Cap. Button for switching phases when you use it as a subwoofer amplifier. There are 4 available - $700 CAN ea.


DLS SP15 - 15" subwoofer in ULTIMATE SPL series with die cast basket. Powerful cone of non pressed paper. Dual spiders and dual magnet system. Dual 2 ohm voice coils. Mainly designed for SPL use. There are 2 available - $400 CAN ea


DLS UR10 - 10" subwoofer in the DLS Ultimate speaker series. With die cast basket. Magnesium one cone body. Dual spiders and dual magnet system. Dual 4 ohm voice coils. There is 1 available - $270 CAN ea


DLS Ultimate Iridium 6.2 (6,5") 2-way component set. The 6,5" driver uses a cone made of non-press paper. Hybrid ferrite/neodymium magnet system. Three inch voice coil. Filterboxes with selectable tweeter level. 28 mm silk dome tweeter. One set available -$550 CAN ea


Prices do not include any shipping. There is no waranttee on these items. Located in the Toronto area. My email link is : Tom's Email (tkliem@markham.ca)

paul christians
10-01-2005, 08:07 PM
some nice stuff there man......

11-17-2005, 01:45 PM

A3's may be all sold.
Iridium 6.2's sold.

Add to the list from a buddy's Arc Audio collection:

Arc Audio XXK 2050 amplifier (2x50 watts)
Arc Audio XXK 5150 amplifier (5 channel)
Arc Audio KAR 265 components (6.5")
Arc Audio 10" sub (same as Image Dynamics IDQ 10")
Arc Audio KAR 10" sub
Arc Audio KAR 200.2 amplifier (I think he said it's 2x50 watts)
Arc Audio KAR 900.1 amplifier

I use to do a lot of custom installs and these guys are coming back looking to sell so they can upgrade. Anyways, gotta be someone looking for an audio upgrade here too????

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