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09-27-2005, 12:45 PM
97’ BMW 528I ***FOR SALE***
The car is in excellent condition and drives perfectly. All the lights were changed so it Looks like a 2001. Very clean and Sexy RhydE (invested alot of $$):

Heated Steering wheel/Seats
All power options
6 CD changer and factory Alpine amp
etc..its a Bimmer..
4 Function remote key

Mods :
2001 Angle Eyes projector beam and Clear corners, Clear Sides and Clear M5 rear lights. M5 Front bumper and Rear add-on AC Schntizer.
Air intake system slightly modified and ready for aftermarket exhaust or tip

Letting it go for...Asking Price: $14,900 OBO (Canadian ;)
The price is set very reasonably. I need to sell this car fast need money/space, car has been parked and I rarely have time to drive it.
Car is located in GTA (Brampton, Ontario) and can be seen upon request.
Please PM for any information/details
Alternatively E-Mail: shaikh.asim@gmail.com or PM for phone number.

Front 1 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/front1.JPG)
Front 2 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/front2.JPG)
Front 3 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/front4.JPG)
Rear 1 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/rear1.JPG)
Rear 2 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/rear2.JPG)
Side 1 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/side1.JPG)
Inside 1 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/inside_odometer.JPG)
Inside 1 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/inside1.JPG)
Inside 2 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/inside2.JPG)
Inside 3 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/inside3.JPG)
Inside 4 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/inside4.JPG)
under hood 1 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/under_hood1.JPG)
under hood 2 (http://www.nicephotovideo.com/pics/car/under_hood2.JPG)

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bump...anyone..?...best offers?