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09-18-2005, 07:49 PM
for laughs...

hey, I have a 318i, and forgive me but I don't know too too much about cars,
I want to know what exactly this manifold does?
Will it just give the car a turbo sound effect?
Or is it actually a turbo and will increase the power and so on?
Please get back to me, I'm interested so far. A
lso does it matter if my car is automatic? Thanks a lot.

me: "sound effect" :D

No it'll give you thrown into the seat effect

it's a modified exhaust pipe -part that comes off the engine, but before the cat.

it allows you to mount a turbo to it to turbo your car.
you have alot of reading to do!

lol hey sorry,
i know i dont look much into engines because i have a 318!! its hopeless :(,
but yeah I don't plan to turbo the engine,
if anything I would want to swap it for an M3 with supercharger,
but nothing for 318 engine, so I guess its no good for me,

just out of curiousity can you get a blow off valve for the 318 engine?
just for the sound? lol thanks a lot.

OMFG *shiner*

me:#1 im bored :)

not hopeless, but not easy!

a m3 would be faster especially with SC
But also 80+ pounds nose heavier too
so my car would handle better then yours & stop
faster too.

also M3 swaps are played out like your neighborhood
whores vagina.
at least my mods are not :P

we'd both still get beaten by cheap ass 300hp

so in the end after all that $$$ you could say:
ya i beat 318's and Im ritch bitch

as for blow off noise makers
try some gay ass honda sites
your fake M badges will probably be on ebay

I think i may have to post this on some bimmer sites
Don't worry it'll remain nameless

lol what a prick, I am interested in a real turbo but then again I'm a student and its hard for me to afford so much right now! i did plan to keep my car for winter and buy an m3 for summer, but I can't help modding it, and i did get my 318 as a gift from my brother! so yeah! what did you pay for your turbo? I'm guessing 4 grand including install?

Flippen Pm trolls :D

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:rolleyes: Notice the name "annon"
like annonymous or whatever spllng

it's not even from a member on here.. *th-up*

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Wrong section?

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Into the recycle bin we go!

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mmm it's nice and warm in here

paul christians
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no it is just right too me......

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