View Full Version : FS: VW 2.0 ABA Turbo Kit COMPLETE

09-16-2005, 03:44 PM
Posting this for some1

I pulled the kit off my Golf which I never put any km's on just moved it in and out of the shop.

The kit is complete absolutely everything you need to tubo your ABA.

Is comprised of

GT28R virtually brand new has the in and out meters put onto it
All coolant and oil lines for turbo
All harware and fittings required to run all coolant and oil lines
VW TD manifold with adapter plate installed
Oil pan with return line fitting
All SFS performance tripple re-inforced silicone elbows and straight pieces
All intercooler clamps (stainless high pressure) except where they didn't fit
All intercooler piping custom built stainless steel
G-60 FM intercooler
MAF bung welded into piping (you supply MAF)
SDS EIC with two injectors
Custom built 2.5" stainless steel DP with flex and High Flow catalitic for those who need emissions compliance.

You will not have to take a trip to the hardware store in between installing to find any little gizmos etc. it's all there except.... The only things you will need to add to this kit are exhaust manifold gskts, intake gskt, possibly some hardware (ex manifold nut(s) maybe stud(s) I can provide theseitems to you if you wish add 6 hours of your time and kazaaam your ABA is FI'd.


It is sold complete no parts are available separately not interested in trades don't want last year's girl guide cookies etc. etc :p

Interested (613) 286-6252 Warren

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