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09-14-2005, 05:36 PM
Only posting this cause there seemed to be interest in the GTI
what can i say trunk space is better :P

1995 Jetta GLX VR6 (owned since Nov 02)
Green, 5speed, AC, ABS, cruise, power windows,
Leather seats, driver & passenger Airbags, 155K+,
16" bbs, 15" bbs, steel with winters all like new.

Runs Great pulls hard, turns crisp
130kph hi-way burns 9L per 100Km
12L per 100km in town
car should safety but would be "as is"

Stuff the car has; All parts recent (early 03 on) have reciepts:

-Bilstein sport Struts
-Nuespeed sport springs
-Nuespeed anti roll bars front & rear (adjustable).
-tie rods -ball joints
-urathane control arm bushings
-Turn2 lower motor mount + factory rear motor mount
-Billet urathane Transmission mount
-stock red ignition wires, plugs done in the fall (stock)
-new stock rear subframe bushings
-new rear brake proportioning valve
-recent front pads (lucas) & b.fluid flush. rears 50-60%
-factory calipers (painted silver) front d-side rebuilt.
-wheel bearings front & rear.
-CV joints (new) inner d-side, outer p-side.
-belt tensioner pulley & belt
-always ran lubrimolly synthetic oil.

every part of the coolant system except the radiator has been changed
Im serious too-!!
-water pump
-heater core
-t-stat housing & t-stat
-secondary coolant pump, So very recent coolant Flush

So $11500 obo with everything (read below)
or Le$$ without the extras on steels with winter rubber (both like new).

extras I can remove for a lower price:
-16" BBS RX's freshly p-coated Black with Kumho 711's 215/45/16
-15" stock BBS basket weaves; freshly p-coated Black.
-16" silver beetle steelies with k/ho 711's 205/40/16
chrome black vw center caps for 15" baskets
-Nuespeed front & rear (adjustable) anti-sway bars; like new 1yr old.
I would reinstall the stock front anti roll bar.

-K&N drop in filter
-glove box, have factory blank for the early MK3's
-Spare window regs/motors: front-d, l/r-rears. motor for front-p.
-Spare working sunroof with motor (needs install) 1 in the car is busted.
-Spare Heated Cloth seats + rears (grey party mix) .
-Giac Garret OBD1 Chip (not installed)

http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/EE/F2/monkeysmuthas/4/b7.jpg (http://groups.msn.com/monkeysmuthas/jetta.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=183)
album1 4pgs (http://groups.msn.com/invalidgroup/album2.msnw?albumlist=2)
album2 2pgs (http://groups.msn.com/monkeysmuthas/jetta.msnw?albumlist=2)

09-14-2005, 05:43 PM
Forgot to add

paint is in great shape, eye catchin when waxed!

It now has a GOLF front end (as of yesterday): hood, grill & headlights
the paint on that is in great shape too!

so you could get cooler headlights if wanted!

09-15-2005, 03:07 PM
*shiner* u^p