View Full Version : FS: BMW E36 Front X-Drilled Rotors w/ Ceramic Pads

Python Parts
08-28-2005, 11:52 AM
When applying brakes, majority of the effort is given to your front brake setup. Ensure maximal brake performance by not compromising on your front brakes!

Here I offer nothing but the best:

2 x Zimmerman X-Drilled Rotors (Front)
1 x Akebono Pro-ACT Ceramic Pads (Front)

Fitment: 91-98 318i sedan, 93-98 318i cab, 91-99 318is coupe, 92-95 320i sedan, 98-99 323is coupe, 92-95 325i sedan, 92-95 325i cab, 91-95 325is coupe, 94-98 328i sedan, 94-99 328is coupe
Price: $425 shipped anywhere in Canada. Additional $19 for brake pad sensor. Taxes included. Shipping free.

Fitment: 93-99 BMW E36 M3
Price: $498 shipped anywhere in Canada. Additional $19 for brake pad sensor. Taxes included. Shipping free.

I do not have to sell you on Zimmerman rotors. But, let me take a moment to describe what is special about Akebono Pro-ACT pads:

Application optimized ceramic formula. Unlike other brands, Akebono does not use the same ceramic formula on all vehicles!
Unmatched in performance to other "one formula fits all" pads
Low dust
Ultra quiet
No break in required
Very little fade - consistent pedal feel
Includes precision-fit noise dampening shims
Includes high-temperature resistant moly lube
... you have to try them to understand the difference!

For additional information on Pro-ACT pads, please visit: http://www.pythonparts.ca/info/akebonoproact
Customers claim: initial bite better than OEM. Only gets harder when more pressure is applied. Little to no brake fade. Lower than OEM dust.

Benefits of purchasing Canadian:

No surprise taxes. You may purchase from the US without paying taxes, but you will get charged full taxes when crossing the border!
No duties. This is an additional fee charged on certain items crossing the border.
No shipping carrier brokerage/handling costs. This is yet another hidden fee when purchasing from the US.
Lowered shipping costs
Support of the canadian economy

To see other product offerings, please visit http://www.pythonparts.ca