View Full Version : E36 V8 Conversions for Road & Track...Update

08-15-2005, 05:44 PM
Hi folks,

Just a quick note for all those interested in LS1 V8 power conversions.
Our LSx V8's prototypes are logging lots of miles around Western Canada
this summer. To date, no problems at all related to the driveline conversions.

Our original prototype, now sporting a Rieger widebody and officially named the "V3 GTR" was well recieved at Bimmerfest West in June. The hood was wide open all day, allowing complete inspection of all our conversion componentry. The car has been attracting a lot of attention in the local Calgary market. I have even had Corvette and Viper owners complementing me on the "Tuned exhaust note"
You guys really need to hear these things. I will be posting sound clips of the crazy sounding dual 3" exhaust notes and more images of the cars and components on the site sometime soon.

A second E36 sedan is on the road sporting LS1 powered and a third coupe is scheduled for completion early this fall.

Browse our site for new information and images throughout - including the infamous "impossible headers". Take note of the ample street driveable ground clearance on the track shot. No easy task!

www.v3auto.com (http://www.v3auto.com)