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08-05-2005, 06:10 PM
Im bringing this on over from DTMpower.net. its also on other forums.

the link is here,, its basically a meet/cruise from Seattle to whistler, and for us BC ppl we can meet them in Vancouver on saturday morning, since they will be spending friday night in vancouver.

please read all the info on that forum, since i just heard about it so i dont know all the details..

We can make a list here too though if we want, or just sign up to DTM.


enjoy. pm me if theres question, i can pass them along and get back to u!


08-11-2005, 01:40 PM
Thanks Chad, this meet is going to be the biggest SEA/VAN meet of the year!!!!

Vancouver/Seattle meet/drive to Whistler in August 20/21 weekend.
The first phase will initially start from Seattle on friday afternoon stopping over in Vancouver for the night.

- On Saturday morning Vancouver/Seattle crews will meet
08/20 @ Spanish Banks 11AM to begin the phase 2 of the drive to Whistler.

- I will leave the Phase 3 of the night up to your imaginations
Then return back on Sunday afternoon.

Please post your interests or suggestions. *wave*

Those who are interested in coming, please email me your full name and guests so I can add you+guest to the guestlists for the parties. *par-t* :cool: *wiggle*

08-11-2005, 01:45 PM
List of those who are interested:

1. Anakbabe
2. Mitchelrl (DTM)
3. Mazenz (Bimmerclassics)
4. Dirtsquirt (DTM)
5. bimmerboy91 (DTM)
6. Spieluhr (DTM)
7. Magolia (DTM)
8. Jrhaile (DTM)
9. jcrump84 (DTM)
10. Devinwwu (DTM)
11. BCM3 (Bimmerclassics)
12. E36'er
13. Three30i (E46fanatics)
14. Studio17 (E46fanatics)
15. XTC_604_DKNY (E46fanatics)
16. KaOsTiK (E46fanatics)
17. Toast (E46fanatics)
18. x5babe (E46fanatics)
19. BluE46 (Europrojeckz.com)
20. E46 (Europrojeckz.com)
22. thedog (E46fanatics)
23. 604E46 (E46fanatics)
24. Leo4Life20 (E46fanatics)
25. r2edline (E46fanatics)
26 .Z4EC (E46fanatics)
27.05-325CI (E46fanatics)
28. willyd (E46fanatics)
29. Dubly (Bimmerclassics)
30. stevo iX (Bimmerclassics)
31. viago99 (DTM)

08-17-2005, 04:19 AM
Here's the link to the Vancity hype at E46fanatics.com


anyone wanna join us for a nightlife fun on friday in VAN please email me anakbabe@hotmail.com

See you guys on Sat 08/20 at Spanish Banks 11AM!!! *th-up*