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07-05-2005, 08:15 PM
Can anyone recomend a good/affordable set of camber plates for the front and maybe even the camber adjustment bars for the rear

My cars lowered with Bilstein sports and H&R race springs and it is killing my tires even after and alignment. especially the front ones..

any help is appreciated


07-05-2005, 09:02 PM
How much have you dropped your car?

I have front camber plates with MORE camber then stock (-2º) and my tires still wear evenly.

What are your alignment numbers like?

07-05-2005, 10:45 PM
They are H&R race springs which lowered the car about 2" in the front and 1.75" in the rear. I cant rotate my tires (staggered, 225 f 245 r)so I notice the wear right way. Mostly on the front tires inside edges are bald rest is still about 2mm above wear bars (michelin Pilot sports) I had the car aligned after the lowering like you told me too But i've noticed its kept wearing.

heres the specs

left front right front
camber -1.66 deg -2.30 deg
caster 3.12 deg 2.60 deg
toe 0.05" 0.06"
SAI 17.69 deg 17.31 deg
inc angle 16.02 deg 15.01 deg

camber diff 0.64 deg
caster diff 0.51 deg
SAI diff 0.38 deg
total toe 0.11

left rear right rear
camber -1.74 deg -1.74 deg
toe 0.03" 0.00"
thrust line 0.01 deg 0.03 deg

camber diff 0.00 deg
total toe 0.02 deg

07-05-2005, 10:50 PM
I had to send it to another shop to have the alignment doen cause we dont do them at my shop, nor do i know much about them. BUT I saw the guy trying to adjust the back and he couldnt get the one bolt lose but eventually got it. in the mean time i went back to my shop (just down the road) and then after i picked up my car I put it up on our hoist to see what had happened cause he was heating the bolt lose and noticed the other side hadn't been touched. maybe it was in spec, or maybe he got lazy on a friday afternoon before the May 24 long weekend and didnt bother cause it was "close enough"

Nelson, if you see something wrong with those numbers I would appreciate it cause I will take it back and then at least I'll know that it wasnt just me thinking it wasnt done right.

If the numbers are fine then I dont know why my front tires are wearing so badly. maybe they're just old and need to be replaced, but i dont want the same thing to happen to a new set

07-06-2005, 12:08 AM
Well, for comparison purposes, for camber I'm running about -2.1º both sides up front, -2.2º rear. I run 0" toe up front, and 1/16" per side in the rear. The toe is really what wears out the insides of the tires. For caster I have like 6º, but that is because I have offset control arm bushings.

Your front numbers are really off from each other though. Was the car ever hit or something? I'd get front camber plates just to fix that.

Your rear seems ok, but it sucks that you don't have the option of rotating.

Start auto-xing or doing more track days to even out the wear, :P