View Full Version : Snow Tires 4 Sale

09-17-2002, 04:46 PM
I've got a 6 snow tires and 4 winter rims for sale.

The tires are all TOYO X-10'S

1st 2 tires have 80-90% tread

2nd 2 tires have about 70-80% tread

3rd 2 tires have about 40-50% tread (great for spare tires)

They came off a Volkswagen GTI the reason why i'm selling them is because they are too small to fit on my BMW, and the bolt pattern on the rim is 14', and i need at least 15'. I'm asking $450 for the whole package, and if you go to any of your local tire dealer shops, ask for the TOYO X-10's and it's about $120 a piece. So if you're interested email me at alexli_2000@yahoo.com