View Full Version : Extra pep for my 95 525ia

05-14-2005, 12:04 AM
Ok let me describe the beautiful Green 525ia that I was lucky enough to get for graduation.

Three owner car. The first was a lady that never drove it. The second was a lady that barely drove it. I suppose that both of these women were very petit because the seats and the arm rests are still perfect.

Under the hood is as clean as it was off the production line.

Anyway. I love the car and I am very concerned with gas mileage. I usually get 25 mpg, on Premium gas. But the car is kinda sluggish before 3000 rpms. I had an m50tu in an e30, and I remember it hauled some major ass. Considering this is an automatic and wieghs a few pounds more the sluggish takeoff is understandible.

I have seen were people drill holes their air box, but does that really make a difference? Of course it is on the correct side of the filter.

My car has just turned 120k miles so I do not intend to race it, I just want a little more pep.

Would you flush your trans? how much fuel econ will i loose with a rising rate fuel pressure reg? Chips?