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04-27-2005, 07:44 PM

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v129/Hibbing/C4.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v129/Hibbing/psb_m2_stands.jpg

Brand new in the box. PSB's flagship speaker of which JA said in Stereophile:

All through my auditioning of the Platinum T8, I kept losing sight of the fact that this speaker costs a hair under $9000/pair, making it an appropriate choice for readers who want superb sound quality at a relatively affordable price.

Take all 5 speakers for $4600. Retail is over $13,000.

Receipt will be provided in the BUYER'S NAME so full warranty will apply. Lists at $8999 and asking $3200.

Also have a C4 centre for $1300. Retail is $2700
Platinum C4 5-driver, 3-way, ported-box, magnetically shielded center-channel speaker
Drivers: 1" aluminum-dome tweeter, two 3" woven fiberglass cone midranges, two 6.5" woven fiberglass cone woofers
Frequency range: 45Hz–33kHz, +/-3dB (on-axis, anechoic)
Impedance: 4ohms nominal, minimum
Crossovers: 500Hz, 2.2kHz
Recommended amplification: 15–200W RMS (clipping <10% time)
Sensitivity: 90dB anechoic, 92dB typical in-room (2.83V @ 1m)
Dimensions: 9.3" x 33" x 12.8" (HxWxD)
Weight: 49 lbs
Price: $1999 each

M2 rears for $1300. Retail is $2800.

Platinum M2 2-driver, 2-way, ported-box, magnetically shielded speaker
Drivers: 1" aluminum-dome tweeter, 6.5" woven fiberglass cone bass/midrange
Frequency range: 48Hz–33kHz, +/-3dB (on-axis, anechoic)
Impedance: 4ohms nominal, minimum
Crossover: 2.2kHz
Recommended amplification: 15–200W RMS (clipping <10% time)
Sensitivity: 88dB anechoic, 90dB typical in-room (2.83V @ 1m)
Dimensions: 15.5" x 9.3" x 12.8" (HxWxD)
Weight: 27 lbs
Price: $1999/pair

The T8 is an elegant three-way tower available in real black ash or cherry wood veneer with distinctive die-cast aluminum base and top, which contribute not only to the visual appeal of the speaker, but also help lower cabinet resonances. The aluminum clad front baffle is both a structural feature and a striking visual presentation for listeners who prefer to listen with the grille removed. The speaker is provided with 5-way gold-plated binding posts plus adjustable spikes and levelers. The PSB Platinum T8 is magnetically shielded, for use in proximity to video monitors.

The T8 shares with other members of the PSB Platinum Series a distinctive D'Appolito Array configuration in which a 1-inch Ferrofluid-cooled aluminum dome tweeter is placed between a pair of 4-1/2-inch midrange drivers. This provides an unusually wide dispersion pattern at higher frequencies and delivers a wide horizontal and vertical “sweet spot” with superb clarity, so that groups of listeners can enjoy maximum definition of movie dialog, effects, and music.

A second tweeter is placed in the rear of the cabinet for bipolar operation if desired. It can be disabled for pure front-firing operation. Three 8-inch woofers, each with a 1-1/2-inch voice coil and oversized magnet structure round out the driver complement. Midrange and low-frequency speakers all feature woven fiberglass cones and rubber surrounds.

The PSB Platinum T8 features drivers, developed with the most advanced design tools, such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), laser vibrometry and computer optimization. More important, perhaps, is that both the drivers and the final product were designed and developed by founder Paul Barton through objective measurements and critical listening tests at the world-renowned facilities of Canada's National Research Council, whose contribution to the development of speaker designs was first demonstrated by PSB in the 1970s.

The use of multiple drivers, plus the Ferrofluid cooling of the tweeter coils, yields an impressive 600 watts power-handling capacity on dynamic peaks. In-room sensitivity is a high 91 dB SPL, which allows very high output without stress. The large magnet structures on the three woofers provide output that is only 3 dB down at 25 Hz. High-frequency response extends to 40 kHz, bandwidth broad enough to make the high-frequency driver a true supertweeter, enabling reproduction of higher sampling rate source material such as 96/24 and SACD.

The PSB Platinum T8 is the leading member of a family of speakers that brings together the superb ability to reproduce music, for which the company is known. Coupled with the other PSB Platinum models, the M2 Monitor, C4 Center Channel and S2 Surround, the T8 is more than capable of meeting the stringent demands of home theater.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v129/Hibbing/C4.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v129/Hibbing/psb_m2_stands.jpg

04-28-2005, 07:18 AM
Wow, nice speakers...where'd they come from and why are you selling?

04-28-2005, 07:19 AM
Direct from the distributor.

04-28-2005, 08:11 AM
Hi Hibbing,

Another excellent product for sale *th-up*
Can you get Velodyne subs????? :confused:

04-28-2005, 05:37 PM
No I wish I could. I'd be running a DD-18.

04-28-2005, 11:10 PM
are u willin to part out i just want some nice self speakers.

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Yes can part out.

04-30-2005, 09:43 PM
" Take all 5 speakers for $4600. Retail is over $13,000.
Receipt will be provided in the BUYER'S NAME so full warranty will apply. Lists at $8999 and asking $3200."

What is the price?

05-02-2005, 09:20 AM
" Take all 5 speakers for $4600. Retail is over $13,000.
Receipt will be provided in the BUYER'S NAME so full warranty will apply. Lists at $8999 and asking $3200."

What is the price?

Yeah, I got a little concused at that too.

05-02-2005, 01:23 PM
I think its $3200.


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