View Full Version : Dell 19" Model P1110 Dell Triniton

04-24-2005, 11:34 PM
Dell 19" for $250 firm Model P1110 Dell Triniton. You can connect two PC's and switch from one to the other.

The Dell UltraScan P1110 21-inch (19.8 VIS) Monitor based on the SONY Trinitron FD Technology is a versatile full size monitor for the user that demands the ultimate in quality and image control. The P1110 uses a flat display technology. What does this mean to you? It means your brain doesn't have to compensate for the curvature your eyes would see if they were looking at a conventional display or CRT. A flat display is ideal for intensive applications such as CAD/CAM, web, and 3-D design programs that require highly accurate renditions. With a flat display, vertical and horizontal straight lines will appear straight when viewed at any angle. Having a P1110 monitor also means that the colors you see on-screen are so pure and accurate, that on a properly calibrated display, graphics and pre-press professionals can soft-proof files and go directly to print. This gives you more time to be creative or to adjust the minute details that elevate your work from that of your peers. The P1110 also reduces glare caused by ambient light because of the flat display. Instead of creating glare spot the way a curved CRT does, glare is harmlessly reflected away from your eyes. Any way you look at it, the Dell P1110 will change your perception of how images should look on-screen. This model is MultiScan, 100% PC COMPATIBLE and will work with any standard video card. It does not require any additional drivers to operate under Windows OS.