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01-14-2002, 06:48 PM
Alright guys, basically what happened today was that my ignition got jammed when I was trying to start the car. Anyhow, BMW town and country is going to check with the warrenty company to see if it's valid so that the fix will be covered by the extended warrenty.

The thing i'm kind of scare now is, if they see an aftermarket intake on the car, will they (warrenty company) automatically write off the car as not being covered anymore by warrenty or that is not justifiable?

A definite answer or at least some help will do please!

01-14-2002, 09:17 PM
The problem with aftermarket products is some dealers accept them and others don't....alot of Honda dealerships sell cold intake kits and they don't void the warranty. Dinan is recognized by BMW and their products (not even their twin turbo 850csi) will not void the warranty.

I've seen other supercharger kits that voided the warranty on rice burners. but I haven't talked to anyone who lost their warranties because of cold air intake kits.
The best thing to do is call Town and Country I think their number is 1-877-886-3100.....I think....(I'm pretty sure, I do call them often to order dealer only parts for the shop I work at) But ask for the service department and ask about the warranty conditions regarding performance bolt on products.

I wouldn't be too worried if I were you but I would call to be safe.

01-14-2002, 11:53 PM
I would just replace the cai with the stock one before they see it. That way you're safe.;)

01-15-2002, 12:22 AM
Too late Bliss...
It was under an emergency situation that I had to get the car towed to TC BMW. Dam it's going to suck if the company voids the warrenty. But they can't right? Because how does having the ingition jammed because of me affect the air intake? Right? any sort of arugments I can use in case they throw a lame excuse that it was the air intake's fault (which of course isn't!)

01-15-2002, 01:48 AM
I dont think they are gonna say anything. Like you said, it has nothing to do with the ignition.

01-15-2002, 12:14 PM
I hope all works out for you, as I have had issues in the past with Town & Country and aftermarket parts on my old 318is and 325is. I think that people had in mind Town & Country when they defined the word $tealer!

I now take my 98 M3 for all warranty work to Downtown BMW (any other work is done by Bavarian) and was just in the other day for new airbag sensor, new doorlock actuator, new heated seat element and squeeky brakes and they didn't say anything about my various aftermarket parts. The guy actually insinuated that I take my car to the track (with a wink) and I said "Who me?"

Braided stainless brake lines and pagid pads
HIOP strut tower brace
A-pillar Gauge Pod with M oil filter cover
Many others to follow!!