View Full Version : Feeler: UUC Gen 1 Lightweight Flywheel for E36 M3

03-12-2005, 06:49 PM
I am thinking of taking my lightweight flywheel out of my M3 and putting in the stock heavier flywheel.

The gains were tremendous and 1st and 2nd gear pulls were extremely noticeable. Revs are a lot faster and seems that the car is just more lively.

Reason Im taking it out is because Im not too concerned about the power anymore. Do be advised that you will experience slight chatter noises but a lot of that can be negated with MT90 Redline Trans fluid which I felt took away about 70% of the noise. Also, my exhaust was pretty quiet so if you have a throaty exhaust, I doubt you would hear the chatter much. Reason for chatter is because of the single mass flywheel as opposed to the stock dual mass flywheel (11.6 lbs vs. 28 lbs)

The flywheel has been in my car since 88000Km and I now have about 122000km on my car. I havent changed my clutch and Rob Levinson from UUC motorwerks said that the flywheel plate does not have to be changed for about 6 clutch changes.... still a long ways to go. Also, friction plates can be purchased from UUC for 150$.

Looking for reasonable offers over 250 canadian since the labour alone to take it out will surely cost like 400 bucks or more.

Let me know if you are interested. I do have another M3 clutch kit in my garage with about 60-70% clutch left on it which I may throw in with the flywheel. This flywheel again is intended for M3's unless you have their respective clutch as well which I may throw in. So good mod for people with 318, 325, 328, 323 E36.... will notice a big difference in acceleration. equivalent to shaving 250 lbs off in first gear and 90 lbs in second gear.

Let me know if you are interested, please pm me with offers.