View Full Version : Fun Day !

John Hubbert
03-06-2005, 11:01 AM
:cool: Well ,yesterday I took a little road trip to Georgetown, back roads all the way, took the wife's poopag'e 5 zoom zoom ,not a bad run still , sun shinning and all.
I get to a place called Terra Cota, and I,m thinkin I have been on these roads before , (part of the last bimmercruise, forks of the credit ! ) Had as much fun as ya can with front drive !
I went to see Ryan, slowerd318 about his parts car ,We picked away at the car for a bit, I ended up gettin a few parts i needed for pocket change ,
( Literally).
Any way just thought I share, and if your lookin for e30 parts get a hold of Ryan.
Just don't try and buy what I have on lay-away ,LOL.
What a great guy to deal with, more than fair with his pricing ! *th-up*