View Full Version : BMW e36 FUEL Pump / Level Sensor - $10!!!

02-24-2005, 04:34 PM
I have 2 Fuel Pumps From an e36 325is:

1) Just the Pump - Unknown working condition. The crook who sold me my car said it was working but had faulty Check valve, got it as a spare. $10

2) Complete Fuel Pump and Fuel Level Sensor Unit. Just drop in the tank and go. It does have a confirmed faulty Check Valve, But pump Works fine. $10

or $15 for both.

On these models Check valve is Not replacable (like on VW), But I am told that you can splice one into the fuel line. Each Pump is for 1993 325is. I Am sure it fits other models too. Go online and check part numbers to confirm.

Located Ottawa, Otherwise buyer to pay actual shipping cost (yes the ACtual! Not an inflated rip-off)

Pm if interested.