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02-23-2005, 08:18 AM
Whats up guys, I'm heading down for the winterlude festival with a couple of buddies and was wondering what are some places worth checking out while were down there. Maybe even meet up for some beers and hook up some women, Thanks guys, Later. Tom.....

Bob Loblaw
02-23-2005, 08:45 AM
Euh... Winterlude is over. Sorry...

Winterlude dates (http://www.canadascapital.gc.ca/winterlude/_images_e/home_e_03.jpg)

02-23-2005, 08:51 AM
Oh well , what else is there worth doing?

02-23-2005, 02:14 PM
skating in the canal.....skiing......nudey bars where touchin is allowed....

02-28-2005, 02:59 PM
You still planning on heading up here...if so we could try and set up a meet, maybe some beers or something. Saw this thread a little late... but who knows.

03-01-2005, 05:41 AM
We went down this past weekend. Not quite montreal, but we still had a blast.

03-01-2005, 02:09 PM
ottawa is not even close to montreal are night life is crap

03-02-2005, 12:38 AM
lol... hope u had a good time...


03-04-2005, 04:44 PM
ottawa is not even close to montreal are night life is crap

Its definitly not Montreal, but its not bad if you know where to look. :)

03-04-2005, 07:31 PM
lol...i look at the butt....likey the butt.