View Full Version : Rolex Seadweller (newest version)

02-22-2005, 03:11 PM
I got a authentic Rolex Seadweller(newest version) MINT..still has the holographic code on the back..not even a scratch...potential customer will accompany me to La Swiss to authenticate the watch..Watch is SOLD OUT at all La Swiss locations(you can phone them) stock is very precious in Canada and Europe..Rolex is allocating a lot to the Japanese market and in Europe this watch is HOT!!!...retails for $6100cdn+taxes..serious inquires please e-mail me about pricing...I have the receipt and all the boxes and documents..this is watch that can be handed down thru generations,,its NOT a Submarminer,,its better.......very hard to find...you can take a chance and buy one of Ebay but I providing a service inwhich the potential buyer can and will get the watch authenticated by a La Swiss technician.. *th-up*