View Full Version : Dinan carbon fibre intake system for E36 cars with Euro MAF

02-22-2005, 10:18 AM
Well spring is near and it is time to make room in the garage. So far I have sold the M3 steering wheel, BMP strut bar and clear corners to a very happy Max member. From another member I picked up some nice projector lights (yet to be installed as the car is in storage)

However, to make a long story short, the Dinan carbon fibre intake that I am selling has to go. The intake is a little too throaty and the mass air on an OBDII needs a mod to install which I want to avoid. I was thinking about removing the ASC and replacing the boot, but I don't want to go too far in my quest for horsepower.

As you know they don't make these anymore. They make powdercoated aluminum. Dinan, as prestigious of a tuner as they are can soak the money out of your wallet in a hurry! This original, authentic, real, not fake, not 540i, Dinan EURO mass air flow is GENUINE. The kit is complete with what you see pictured
What do these things cost? From Dinan USA (nevermind what you would have to pay in Canada!) They are $450 (intake) / $450 MAF / $450 MAF installation kit.

This kit has all the installation kit pieces except I think Dinan sells a fuel pressure regulator as well. Also included here is the plug that goes into the MAF (four pin) with instructions on how to install.

Before you contact me about this kit, DO SOME RESEARCH. Make sure it is what you want to do. Look at the dyno charts on the Active Autowerke website ( http://www.aatuning.com/dyno/default.asp) to see what real world horsepower they make on a Mustang Dyno for many mod combinations!

If you have a 95 M3, you will have a smile right now because it's plug and play, with a software upgrade.

Also, make sure you have the cash in hand. I will not answer any technical questions, because the answer is "I don't know". Ask someone who knows. Call Dinan or AA.

I also do not like to dicker or beat around the bush with my prices. I sold a nice M3 wheel from a 97 (four spoke) for cheaper than a weathered 95 (three spoke) that is on the BMW club website. If anything doesn't work and was installed by a certified technician, I would return all the money to the buyer - no questions asked with verification that a part ie, the MAF was defective. It works, but I want to guarantee it works

I am ONLY ASKING $750 CANADIAN. Yes, Canadian. Or for my US buyers, $600 US.

(Not to compare but a similar Dinan CAI only with no MAF is selling for $450 firm on the BMW club website and the filter needs to be replaced - $100 right there!)

Shipping is $15.00 anywhere in Canada or the US.[/COLOR]