View Full Version : 540 6 spd, $15k, should I buy it?

02-13-2005, 02:27 AM
hello folks,

a friend of mine has a clean 98 540i 6 spd, 130k for $15k (cdn)

should I purchase this car? (the $15k is not an issue), but I just want a bullet proof, reliable euro car

I have never owned a BMW, I have had Mercedes(es) for the longest time, and know them well, but now that I have seen this 540, I must admit the 6 spd has had me thinking long and hard.

are these engines reliable? I have heard stories about coolant levels dropping hinting @ head gasket problems, or sippage due to "nikasil" issues

how expensive are parts? Contrary to popular belief, MB parts are quite inexpensive, and they are very well built and with proper oil changes and maint., they last forever

do 540s have timing chains that need to be replaced at certain intervals?

Is there anything specific to this model/body/engine that I need to be aware of when inspecting the car on a hoist/ driving it, etc?

Thank you in advance for your time in replying and I hope to join the family soon.


02-13-2005, 02:36 AM
being a 540 owner & a tech at Benz I would say that problem wise they are pretty much the same, but some parts on the 540 cost more than some on Benzs, also expect to replace some clutches on the 540, they tend to go more often.
the price seems a little low, is there anything wrong with the car?, accidents?

but when it all comes down to it, BMW's are more fun to drive, they handle much better, it's a sportier car

02-14-2005, 12:38 PM
That is DIRT CHEAP! I hope this is a sweet deal because you're a friend...otherswise, there has to be "something" with the car....