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02-10-2005, 04:37 AM
Im thinking of selling my car in the spring time, I just need some feedback from potential buyers
Its a 1988 325is 290 xxx kilomoeters, it is black, paint is in very good condition

The good:
-new water pump/timing belt
-new oil pan
-new gas tank
-New gas pump and oil pump
-new spark wires and distributor
-new rear subframe bushings
-new tie rods
-new gaskets (oil pan and valve cover)/valve adjustment
-new ignition cylinder
-keenwood chmeleon deck
-buyer would get a set of 2 brand new tires, rears have 80% tread left

-apex lowering springs/bilstein shocks/alignment (have the stock springs also)
-sachs clutch kit (pressure plate/clutch disk/bearings)
-aftermaret air intake or stock I have them both

The not so good:
-car has a few minor rust spots on rear right wheel well and front right rocker (I would fix that before selling the car)
-the front drivers seat has rips on it, seats are not leather
-driver side lock cylinder needs to be replaced
-buyer would need to invest in a new exhaust, right now its stock

The car drives very smooth and it is pretty quick for the kilometers it has which is apparent once you actually test drive the car, the owner before me was a lady I know and she mostly drove it on the highway. As you can see a lot of money went into this car to make it run well but I will need cash for next school year so...

I would be asking $4500, let me know if the price is reasonable for the condition the car is in and if anyone is interested PM me and we'll se what we can work out, thanks

02-10-2005, 10:43 AM
Here's feedback. I've got the same car, a little less KM's, 1989. same shit replaced. No one is biting at 2500.

02-10-2005, 02:24 PM
i guess it isnt worth selling at that price then