View Full Version : Philips P21 brake light

01-25-2005, 03:35 AM
So, my brake light burned out last week. Sadly, there are no Canadian Tire stores in California, so I couldn't pick one up quickly. Interestingly, when I finally found some auto replacement parts shops ALL told me to buy the Sylvania 7525. They even showed me the reference manuals, which clearly indicated that for a 2001 330i this was the appropriate replacement.

Well, I'm not sharp, but when you look at the suggested replacement and the Philips P21 they don't match. The Sylvania has two filaments and two contacts and the bases just don't look the same. After fishing around for two days I found the replacement. It was a Sylvania 1156.

Don't know how the manuals could be so wrong. I think I'll start with a dealership next time.