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11-05-2004, 09:53 PM
I have had these on my car since April of this year, put on about 20k or so. They are sized 195/60/14, slightly undersized for my car (which was intentional). First thing I noticed is that even for a 60-series tire, the sidewalls are STIFF. Any type of cornering load is responded to immediately, no squirm, no squish, no wait. I love it. The dry grip is beyond anything I have ever experienced (note: I have never driven on an R-compound). Now, for the wet. Here's where it gets interesting. The common belief from the crowd is that these tires are not suited for any wet driving. On the contrary, I have found these tires to be very good on wet pavement, to the point where full throttle acceleration is met with 100% grip. The tread pattern does not bode well for standing water, and there's no way around it, once past 50% worn I didn't feel very comfortable doing any type of speeding in heavy rainfall on the highway. New they are very confident, but just look at the tread, it's not made to expel water once it gets shallow. After 20k the tires are completely gone, there is no longer any tread from the sidewall-face edges, it's completely smooth. It's rated UTQG as 200, so I was very happy to get the mileage I did, especially with my "driving" and about 4 auto-x's. And they are cheap, I can't tell what I paid but they list for only $100/ea CDN from Tiretrends.

In summary, for a street tire, and knowing they are not made to last long, I give them an 8/10. If it wasn't for the standing water issue when worn I wouldn't hesitate to give them a 9.5 for the sheer amount of G's they can produce, but on public roads hydroplane resistance is very important. If you're planning to use them as an auto-x only tire, there isn't much better in the street class. *th-up*

Here's what they were new:


The one on the left is only about 5k used, the one on the right 20k (I had a flat). You can see some lines in the tread just don't go as far as they used to :D:


11-06-2004, 03:39 AM
I love those tires, had them for brief moment as a testing run, amazing.

2 thumbs up for a summer tire.