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10-31-2004, 12:26 PM
I've already posted this in the Looking for forum, but I'm looking for a rear end for a 76 2002. It's final drive ratio is 3.90, but I'd consider something on the order of 3.60.


10-31-2004, 10:15 PM
1500/1600 4.374:1
1502/1602 4.11:1
2000/2002 3.64:1
2002tii 3.45:1

I really doubt you'll find the diff on this board. Try here http://www.bmw2002faq.com/
Good luck.

craz azn
11-01-2004, 01:49 PM
hey john

doesnt richard have one of those diffs?

11-01-2004, 06:45 PM
Now this is interesting. I'm working on a 2002 for a friend and he's telling me that it has a 3.90 diff. I need to find out what his engine size is. It's a great car in good condition other than the howling from the diff. We're looking to replace it before it really gets ugly.

11-04-2004, 09:20 AM
I believe all the 76 model year and all the automatics came with a 3.90:1 diff. Most of those were also 25% ltd slips. You would be lucky to find one where the clutch packs were not worn down giving you an open diff.

11-10-2004, 12:58 AM
Found one from a 77 320. We had to swap the rear cover, but everything else was a straight bolt up. I'm thinking the ratio was a 3.90 but the area where it was supposed to be stamped on the housing was rusted enough so it wasn't legible. After swapping rear plates, putting in fresh gear oil and installing, the 2002 is again mobile without all the racket. From what we're seeing in tach/speedo readings, it's taching about the same as the old one so I think it's a 3.90 as well. Thanks for the info and help guys, my bimmer buddy is driving again.

11-10-2004, 09:06 AM
I am glad you found the diff. It would be a 3:90 if out of a 320i. There is a slight problem with that conversion. It may not be true on the 1977 but you should take a measurement to be sure. The e21 diffs although compatible with the 02 are slightly narrower and you may have to use a very small spacer on the end of the outer cv. It will work as is but you may have a problem with spirited driving. The 77 320i if early enough may have still been using the 02 diff. You should take the front brakes off of the e21 because they were vented and will work on your car with tii calipers and struts. Let us know how it works out.