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Mohamed 525i
10-10-2004, 06:08 AM
Hi guys,,, while driving to Syria (5000 Km far from U.A.E) it was over than 60c hot,, at 12 oclock noon and I was driving for 140 with AC on,, so the Head got fuked (raditor was ok, fans r Ok, thermostat is also ok but I don't know what happened) , and I changed it ( my car is vanos and I changed it to non vanos head but I put the vanos from the old one and it worked ) in Syria and everything was ok I drove the car over than 180 with ac on and no problem was there.

after 15 days of my holiday I got to be ready for my trip back to uae and everything was ok on this period,, and while I am on the road, I drove for 400 Km. and the car got overheat,,, and I drive till I reach U.A.E ( I got to stop each 200 Km, to add about 5 liter of water ) Today I put the car in workshop and waiting his news, but I think it is the Head gaskit or the head itself,,

So I am planning to get the E34 540i model 93 or 94 (auto) ,, so what do u guys suggest, and what is the things I have to check for the new car, or do u suggest me to get E39 540i Manual ( I started to hate Auto )

so please advice me what to do with my car, and I need ur advice for the other car I want to buy

thanx for ur help


Mohamed 525i
10-11-2004, 04:36 AM