View Full Version : dual 10" sub box, box only

10-06-2004, 03:59 PM
This is for a brand new subwoofer box, sealed, for 2 10" subwoofers. The picture shown says 2 subwoofers come with it, they dont, the price is just for the box cause i already sold the woofers separatly.

Pic: http://www.gnetcanada.com/tjsubbox.jpg

Price $60 CAN.

Shown in a TJ, but fits EXCELLENTLY in to any e36 or e46 due to teh shape and size of it.

This box is made well, it is custom cnc'edm, assembled and carpeted by hammermill, a company in teh GTA who makes boxes for all the big name audio brands like clarion, kenwood etc.

If you want it, email me, shawn@gnetcanada.com, pm me, or call me 519-780-1341 and leave a message. I will probalbly be coming up to bimmercruize, and maybe even the friday meet (oct 8). So let me know!