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M3ti Compact
10-04-2004, 05:31 PM
According to my friend who is taking Auto at Centennial, I am wasting money by putting Premium into the BM. 87 will do just fine. This was a change from his previous thoughts on the topic- so I asked, where he get this information from, your ass? He says his Auto professor told him.

According to the professor- the octane rating does not increase horsepower, it only is a rating for resistance to pinging- and all modern day cars are well designed to resist and remidy pinging so that pretty much any car can run on 87 and you will only loose at the most 1-2 HP because the way the engine protects itself from pinging is to retard spark, which in itself, does not reduce HP that significantly because if the spark was not timed right anyways, the engine won't run.

I said then, for sure you understood the prof wrong, and you'll loose like 20 or more HP with crap gas. Your prof is right that you will NOT gain any power, like if your engine is rated at 200HP, you will not get 210HP from premium gas, but if you engine is rated at 200HP and requires premium, and you put in owl piss, then you will for sure loose a LOT of HP with the engine trying to prevent ping. I read an article in the star. The editor was testing an Infinity I30. It did 0-60 in like 9 seconds, which didn't match the power to weight ratio of the car. The editor puts in premium, runs it around a bit, and tries the test again, and the car did the proper manufacturer claimed 0-60 in 7 or so seconds. Also told him my experience myself in my old Sienna, with the 3.0L VVT-i and crazy compression ratio. We usually fill up with regular, then one time, because were were going to do a long highway trip, we filled up with premium. After about 15 minutes of driving, I noticed a sudden increase in overall power. The power increase was VERY noticable- I would say at least 20hp was freed up. It must have been due to the premium gas kicking in.

Friend says, he'll trust his auto shop prof before he trusts some newspaper editor, or my biased opinion because I've been a believer in expensive premium gas can boost HP since my inception.

10-04-2004, 07:00 PM
Premium gas is a waste of money - unless your car requires it, period. Most high compression cars need it. Also in most cases if it has a turbo/blower. Some examples that need it, off the top of my head are Audi, Volvo, etc. But if your car needs premium (91 or higher), it will not damage your engine if you pump Regular (87) - You'll just notice a slight decline in performance, but not much . It's your cars' computer that has to compensate.

10-04-2004, 07:53 PM
the teachers there are right to some degree the answers they give are mostly for domestics and are very broad answers, I've been to all those courses, who's his fuel teacher Mr. Watson or Mr. Playter(sp)?