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10-01-2004, 02:05 AM
Alrighty guys (and some girls)
ive finally got enough cash to start looking for a nice newer (i got a E30) bmw..
im thinking about something around $12,000-$13,000 (cdn) i dont really want a 4dr or anything lower then a 325is.....

So what are your sudjestions...i just need some tips and hint on newer cars...my sisters got a 1997 328is and i love it..so i know thats a good one :)
should i get one that already has maybe some mods to it.. maybe lowering and tint...maybe a chip...i wont have tonsa money to do it out after..i aint rich like most of ya :moon:

thanks for any of the info i get ...im hopping to buy in about 2-4 weeks (still need to sell car..but i got a few ppl very interested)


10-02-2004, 12:45 AM
E30 M3 :)

10-02-2004, 04:17 AM
E30 M3 :)
well at least someone is helping
ya i considered that..but i wouldnt mind a newer car....ive had to replace quite a bit in mine and i dont wana do it all over again

10-02-2004, 08:58 AM
i was thinking of initially going for a 325is(last model year)...then i was swayed by the 328is...those things are newer, much cleaner looking imo stock, and their more M3-ish in a sense....but for your price range iw ould just look at a well maintained 325is :)

but stay away from the 92' year model...i think they had some sorta frame issues

10-03-2004, 02:46 AM
alright thanks

10-03-2004, 11:40 AM
im in the hunt too, same price range, same thing, if anyone knows of anything, let me know. Thanks