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09-28-2004, 12:59 AM
As title saids, selling a 2000 BMW 328CI.. the car is in mint condition.. never seen in winter..!! Car only has 55,000km very very low mileages.. driven by my sister, which she has 2 cars this bimmer is her summer' ride..!! It comes with leather package, but no sport package..!! Interior and exterior are in mint condition.. she brings her car to professional car wax shop every 2 months.. no damages can be found..!! No mods on the car, all original..!! Private sale with no tax..!! Open for offers..!! For further information, please contact tommy_hungfanwai@hotmail.com

thx all for viewing..!!
have a good day..!!

Mr seville
09-28-2004, 08:56 AM
ballpark price?? pics? auto? pm me with details *wave*

09-28-2004, 01:47 PM
Hey, i'm interested. Do you have any pics and what is the ballpark price you/she is looking for. I have emailed your hotmail accoutn as well. Thanks

09-28-2004, 02:10 PM
Hi all, pictures will be updated by tonite..!!

09-29-2004, 10:28 AM
Whats up with the pics? i thought you said they would be up last night. Just curious.