View Full Version : Swapped Clusters still have electrical problem!!!!!!

07-28-2004, 06:02 PM
Well i just swaped clusters... I took the completly working one from the parts car.. Everything worked.. Put it in to my car..

My original cluster lost the gas gauge a few years ago (Just found that there was no bolt for the needle) and shortly after lost RPM tach.. And just recently the temp tach started boucing around and I lost all interior lights but the radio.. I have no dash or cluster lights..or dome lights..

So I put the new one in It looks like I have a working gas tach But it wont light up and the rpm tach still doesn't work..

So what the hell is wrong with my car..??

Someone smashed the window and the whole heat panel with the obc and radio but failed @ there attempt to get my radio.. I say this cause I think the no light problem is do to something behind the obc or radio.. Because the lights stoped working shortly after the break in..

And I have tried obc's from the junk yard with no succsess but have not tried the working one from the parts car yet..

I would really like to have cluster lights again dont care so much about my dash and a working RPM tach would be very cool..

Thanks in advance to the electrical wizards that will know what my problem is

Well at least it looks better.

07-28-2004, 06:29 PM
hehe i'd say get another E30 :D you've been going thru so much prob. man :) hehe not to let you down though *th-up*