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01-04-2002, 02:42 AM
1) A Monte Carlo z34, lost because it was about a week after I got my car and I didn't know how to launch

2) A Civic Si, destroyed it along the Mississippi in Davenport, IA. The funny thing is that he was trying to show off to his girlfriend in the passenger seat. The funnier thing is that I had two passengers and trust me, they are both much bigger than his girl.

3) A riced-out Paseo at school that was lowered with big rims and exhaust. No contest, in fact it is a stretch to even call it a race.

4) The best race I was in, however was in my mom's old Volvo 940 Turbo wagon. My friend and I raced a Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited and I won by a hair. 1.8L (?) Turbo beats 5.9L V8 yeah!

There is my limited experience, the scene isn't all that thriving in Iowa.

01-04-2002, 04:27 PM
1) E30 M3 vs. 2000 Civic SI
My buddy peeled of before the lights, I missed second gear and I still blew right by him plus I had 4 people in my car. Call this a draw becasue it wasn't really a race.

2) vs. a Malibu, I don't know why my fried wanted some in his auto chevy but I licked him off the line and than just absolutely blew him away once I was in second

but the M3 is sleepin for the winter now

and Rob keep these on the down low cuz I don't want my dad to know

01-05-2002, 02:02 AM
Well I personally don't street race, but I was a spectator, shotgun make it.
Friend driving the Golf IV GTI Vr6. racing this Camero SS LOL. I think the Camero was slightly modded b/c of the exhaust and god knows what else.
This was on Woodbine. both cars rolled a bit and then punched it. haha shit, that Camero pulled on us like gradually 1-2-3-4 car lengths. LOL, and since we were just messing around that nite, we raced him again, and of course he killed us, haha!
However, my friend was saying that if he had his A4 1.8t quattro, which is modded, he could at least keep up with him.

2) my friend using his golf VR6 again raced a modded Celica GTS (2001): Chip + exhaust + intake.
my friend killed him haha, but he told me it was more of driver skill, b/c his friend driving the celica isn't a fast shifter.

'88 325e
01-05-2002, 09:41 AM
...funny as hell!

I was comming back from Brantford on the QEW Niagara in my Geo Storm (1.6L 12v) and i'm getting close to Niagara Falls. I see this mid 90's Honda Civic sedan with those lame glowing emblems. I catch up and he sits in the passing lane.

I'm right behind him for the longest time, then he finally moves over so I slowly pull beside him (noticed A-pillar gauges). So I said to myself: "Why not, i'm bored!".

I hammer the gas and pulled on him and slowed abit to see if he took the bait. He did. So I get on it again and so pulled on him! I couldn't believe it! He must have had an automatic. I slowed for traffic in front of me and he was getting close but there was no chance.


01-05-2002, 03:38 PM

listen to that 3 cylinder rumble!

'88 325e
01-05-2002, 05:52 PM
The Geo Metro/Pontiac Firefly were 3 cyl. Not defending. Trust me it is just a winter car for me. He He He

01-05-2002, 08:52 PM
:P Oh man that hurts getting beat by a GEO :lol
My buddy comes cruising with me in his civic and not even trying to lose him I still will, they are so damn slow, 106 horses and all

ThE bRoWn GuY
01-06-2002, 12:23 AM
I must add that not all hondas are slow!!

01-06-2002, 02:53 AM
OKie, I feel that I need to say something... :P

First of all, GEO is just a name. GEO is NOT a manufacturer.

GEO Prizm - Toyota Corolla
GEO Tracker - Suzuki Sidekick
GEO Metro - Suzuki Swift/Pontiac Firefly

GEO Storm is built by Isuzu Motors Inc in Japan. It's 100% Japanese made car. It is also almost the same car as Isuzu Impulse and Lotus Elan. All three share pretty much the same engines, interior, body styling. I have 93 GSI version with 1.8l DOHC engine(140HP). The car has NOTHING to do with GEO Metro at all(see the attached pic). It runs 15.5-16s 1/4mile if lunched correctly. I've eaten a lot of Civics with it in the last 2 years. It's a great little car. FWD though. :(

So technically the Civic got beaten by Isuzu. :D

'96 318ti
'93 GEO Storm GSI(with a bunch of mods)

01-10-2002, 10:43 PM
1) Against Brown Guy b4 supercharger after mosport last year...had him in 1-2 then he blew by me until I looked like I was going backwards.

2)My roomates acura 1.6 el with dohc vtec and Jackson racing supercharger...after fast & furious while I was away at school in waterloo...coming from Brantford movie theater of all places...bent my friend over and kicked him in the ass for 3 straight lights....on the fourth light Police pulled me over...yelled at me for a while...looked at my student id and told me to stay out of brantford for ever, he said if he ever saw my bmw in brantford again he'll give me a hard time....haven't been there since....no need to go there unless I own a chev/ford or dodge and I need to go to "Partsource" HA!!

3)After blower...c5 vette on 400...cruzin in 5th..got highbeamed let him by...then stomped the gas in 5th...laughed as I watched his car bucking from the mad shifting....dropped it into 4th...blow off valve hisssed...charger wrrrrrd...then the 6 unleased the Banish war cry and pulled away.

4)BMW 540 on 401 W....b4 blower doing 220km...convoyed with 5er untill we reached 220..he pulled up beside me looked at my car smilled gave me a thumbs up and took off like a rocket....There was no way it was stock!!!! Must have had some kind of forced induction...I was at 230 and I could barely see the 5er!~!! no joke...it was black.....didn't see the rims to well..but had some serious rubber....

at present the motor is not in my car beefing her up to take 15psi with reliebility...
driving a vw fox.....which can't even go up a hill in 3rd....

ThE bRoWn GuY
01-11-2002, 03:05 AM
Dont worry Usic, we'll have to do it again all summer long!! CANT WAIT!!

01-18-2002, 12:40 AM
1. Coming off the highway, i flew by someguy in a Very new Dodge Stratus on the offramp. Maybe i pissed him off or something but when the traffic lights turned green, he passed me at full throttle.I said F-that , opened up my throttle to red line and even with his couragous head start, I ate him in a 1\4 mile. That must of pissed him off for sure!!
2. Coming home one late night, just doing the speed limit (amazingly:D ) which is 60KMH, some dude in a early 90's integra cut me off big time. So eventuly I'm speed up and get ahead of him and cut him off but not as bad. Than he passes me again. we come side by side at the next lights. He had the usual, lowered,clear lenses alround ,exhaust and pretty sure intake(his engine made enough noise) Anyways, the lights turn green, with a slow start I took him out nasty. And he thought he was bad ass. I ended up going 150KPH in a 60. THANK god no cops were around.
3. Freindly race against my buddies, one with a integra (again) and a newer prelude, The only challenge was them two way behind me.

I don't really race much but sometimes you godda do what you godda do!! But becareful with some of those ricers out there cuase they're bloody fast. I know a few locals. Sorry if my stories are boring but I sure there will be better stuff to happen in the future*devil*

01-18-2002, 04:30 PM
about 5 years ago when I had my M20 in the car and it was stock Delphin Grey I pulled up to the lights (Brown's line NB -- last light before the 427) beside some guy in his brand new Mustang GT. It was hot out, window's open... I look over at the guy and rev my motor. He smirks and says PFFSSS! OH BOY... Now RANDY'S pissed! The other light turns yellow and he starts to rev his OHV V8. I look down and flip on the NITROUS OXIDE switch and rev my motor to 3000rpm. Light turns green and we're off, both smoking the rears hanging it sideways in 1st gear.... change to second and start to pull him about 1 car length, 3rd comes up and he's starting to fade in my mirror. WHOOHOO!!! I stick my left arm out and wave for him to catch up.... what's that? You're trying? HaHaHa!:moon:

List of mods I had during the race:

M20 motor
2.7L block
2.5L head/pistons
multi-angle valve job
bored T-Body
full Exhaust
ram air intake
Jacobs ignition
80HP shot NOS
3.73 LSD
Short shift kit
light weight flywheel
big ICE (lots of weight:confused: )

01-25-2002, 09:52 PM
I have too many stories to list! I'll leave out most of the Honda stories because those things are just plain slow.

E30 M3 vs. F150 Lightning and Mustang 5.0
One night I was in a suburb of Minneapolis in a commercial district a mile or two from where we always went cruising, and about 20 cars had gathered near a very nice straight road that we always raced on. A few cars went and then I matched up to a first-generation F150 Lightning, and smoked him. After that they put me against a Mustang 5.0 that was basically stock except for the straight exhaust sticking 6" past the back bumper of his car (Do these people have any taste?!?) I pulled up alongside him and we took off. I got him off the line, and I was a couple of car lenghts ahead, when a cop pulled out just ahead of us. And just sat there. In the road. I nailed my brakes (cross-drilled with race pads and braided lines) and came to a stop well before the cop car while the Mustang slid by me, all four tires locked, straight at the side of the police car (still sitting in the middle of the road with a death wish) The Mustang slid to a stop about a foot from the side of the police car. I didn't have a front plate, and the cop was still in his car, so I put it in reverse and pinned it in the direction I came. I went in reverse at about 6000 rpm for 2 blocks until I could back into a parking lot and get out of there, I drove front first until I got home and parked in my garage. Moral of the story: Always build your brakes as strong as your motor, and don't park in the middle of a street race!

E30 M3 vs. Ford Probe GT
My first car was a Jeep Wrangler auto that I drove for a couple of years before I bought my 89 M3. 2 days after I bought it I pulled up next to a new body style Ford Probe GT with intake and exhaust and suspension. I didn't know the limits of my car, and this was my first stoplight race. He blips the throttle a couple of times with a smile on his face like he was the shit in his rebadged Mazda. I do it back like I know what I'm doing. The light turns green and he takes off while I sit there spinning my tires, and then he turned off before I could try again. A couple of weeks later I see him again, but this time with a racing stripe down the center of his car. I had a few races since that first night, so I was prepared. I did a burnout while we were waiting for the light to turn green, and then watched him look all confident that he would smoke me again. The light turned green and I launched almost as fast as I can now, and just killed him. That was fun. That was when I really started to like my car.

My favorite type of vehicle to eat has got to be Fords. The people who drive them always think they are the shit, and they all hate 4-bangers. Whether it is a Thunderbird SuperCoupe, a F150 Lightning or a Mustang 5.slow, I never turn down a challenge.

E30 M3 vs. Ford Thunderbird SC
I was driving down the freeway when a black super coupe pulled along side and wanted to race. I raced him the first time starting in 3rd and just walked on him. I slowed down and he drove past me, and took the next exit, a cloverleaf. I knew this exit very well, and it was brand new with an express lane around the outside of the normal road, and it was banked just a little bit. I nailed it in 3rd and passed him on the outside while he tried desperately to get his heavy SC around the corner. Note to all SC drivers: Don't try to compete in the corners with a BMW.

Ferrari F50 vs. Corvette ZR-1
I live near Wayzata, MN, which has always been in the top ten list for average per-capita income in the country. Needless to say, I always see amazing cars driving around. Porsches and Vipers are common, and kids in high school have new Corvettes, M3s, and Hummers. It makes me sick. But anyways, there is a stop light at the end of Wayzata boulevard that is two lanes. It leads up a hill about a block until it turns into one lane and goes down a hill to the freeway. I was sitting at the gas station talking with a couple of my buddies with our cars when I hear something like a racing bike behind me. I turn around and there is a red Ferrari F50 pulling up to the light next to a Corvette ZR-1. I almost fell over! I saw the ZR-1 around before and it had a few mods and the guy said it was around 500 horse. He said it was very fast, and I believed him. I heard the F50 rev ( I could have gone off right there ) and I knew the Vette would take the bait. He did, you could hear the obnoxious growl of the V8 getting ready to eat another import. The light turned green and they launched about even until half way up the hill when the Ferrari hit 3rd and said good-bye to another slow car. I haven't had a single dream since then that didn't end up somehow relating to that scenario. (My favorite was me coming from behind in my M3 and walking on both of them! LOL)

Have fun out there street racing, just be sure not to get caught or wreck any of the awesome cars I see posted on this site!

- Brian


01-29-2002, 11:15 PM
this is just a hunch but.. empowered, you don't happen to track, to you? (music, not auto related)
anyways.. race stories.. well not much in my 318i.. smoked a dodge intrepid once, (pfft)
However, everyone wanted to race the old Bavaria with the growling dual zenith carbs :P
Took out what i'm guessing is a 96-97 Mitsu Eclipse. It's about 11pm at night, streets are empty. Roll up to a light and notice this eclipse next to me.. we're both the only ones in our car. My Bavaria was stock, which is(170hp@5800rpm, 3200lbs), his car seemed stock, but I can't remember, it was quite a while ago. Anyways, we both expect the light to change, but the turn light comes on, and we both rev and and have to stop again.. and then we look at each other, and BOTH OF US miss the green light, o.O and then we take off.. Squeal through first, BMW is pulling ahead pretty strongly. squeal through second, BMW is about a little more than a car and half ahead, hit about 62mph and switch to 3rd. Now, I will go to my grave believing this. When I went to third gear the wheels squealed again. I dunno if it was the road or just me or what the hell. but damn, I've never had another car do that :P 3rd gear, he starts to slowly catch up, but there's a car in his lane, and he has to slow. Victoly for BMW. :D
e3 babay! senior six's all the way.
<img src="http://www.bmwplanet.com/attachments/mbavaria.jpg">

Bimmer Heaven
02-15-2002, 02:35 AM
Best Race: very nice sunny day last fall, me and my friend were driving beside each other; me in my old 325e with 410000Km on it and him in his nice E36 325i. I was just looking for a race sine i know he killed my other friend in his 2.7/2.5 head E30. Going north on Credithview we pull to a red light at Eglinton and looked at each other. As the light turns green we race; in 1st he was beside me, in 2nd i pulled away, 3rd i could see him in my mirror, in 4th we were doing 120Km/h and and had to slow down because of traffic....

Worst Race: few years ago when my car was stock, i got killed (twice the same night) by a friend in his mom's Regal....

02-15-2002, 06:15 AM
I guess I should post a racing story too. This was a while ago, car was totally stock, and my valves needed tightening. My friend and I were had our cars packed comming out of Pacific Mall, late at night (karaoke). He had a black 94 Civic (si?) its an auto.

Anyways, we roll out onto Steels and there's a modded white Integra, non type R. We pull up to the first stoplight, but unfortunately, there's an extra car on the far right lane of the 3 lane road. So I stayed behind my friend.

The light turns green and they take off, and I keep up behind them, as soon as that other car got outa the way, I pulled into the far right lane, and gunned it past the 2 jap cars. When we got to the next stop light, the guy in the integra gave me a thumbs up! *th-up* The 3 of us raced light to light till we got to the highway, there was a crusier waiting for us, so we slowly went bumper to bumper past the cop at like 40km/h and took off on the highway.

03-04-2002, 09:56 PM
Ok, just wanted to jump in here!
Me in my slushbox coming home from dinner, then it happens, this ahole in a Probe comes out of nowhere right on my ass. So, I pull into the right lane and he pulls along side of me, gives me a smirk and hits it. I decide to give it a shot and floor it. I must say, he pulled me early but as soon as we hit around 80 he had no chance. Is he a bad driver or is my car faster? It was a GT.
I've got:
Dinan stage 2 chip
Dinan exhaust
K&N cai
sway bar......

03-05-2002, 12:40 AM
Ran across a '95 Yamaha YZR-600, he ended up behind me at a light and I could tell he wanted to go. So I gave it all I could off the line, when we cleared the car beside me he pulled out to pass. I hit 2nd gear hard and he made it so we were nose to nose when he stopped out accelerating me. I hit 3rd and started to leave him, when I shifted into 5th (130mph) he was about 8 car lengths behind me. I backed off and he caught up, pulled up beside me and gave my car a huge look and me a thumbs up.
I used to road race bikes and I know, they are fast off the line but roll on with an older 600 isnt that hot.
Interesting to note my turbo runs 5mph faster at the end of the staight away here in Calgary then my race bike did, but as for lap times I'm about 6 secs off in the car. Superbikes are another story with a top end of more then 45mph on me car and about 13 secs per lap.

03-05-2002, 01:00 AM
Had the wife, kid and big dog in the car. Stopped at a light which has two lanes with the right ending after 150 metres or so. Guy pulls up with a early 90's 911 Cabrio, with his buddy. I look over and rev it, he laughs at me, I smile. Light goes green and I pace him staying slightly ahead of him, he's giving it shit and Im not(close though). Into third I go and say wave bye-bye to my little girl(4 at the time) and she smiles and wave to them as I pull away. Hell that could be a credit card commercial, priceless.

03-28-2002, 01:30 PM
Originally posted by M10-Power
Had the wife, kid and big dog in the car. Stopped at a light which has two lanes with the right ending after 150 metres or so. Guy pulls up with a early 90's 911 Cabrio, with his buddy. I look over and rev it, he laughs at me, I smile. Light goes green and I pace him staying slightly ahead of him, he's giving it shit and Im not(close though). Into third I go and say wave bye-bye to my little girl(4 at the time) and she smiles and wave to them as I pull away. Hell that could be a credit card commercial, priceless.

Haha, that's the best one I've heard so far. The best part is your daughter waving. I can picture the expression on those guys' faces.