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07-08-2004, 06:08 PM
The other day I purchased myself a mild EMS piggyback unit for my car called the Perfect Power SMT-6. It seemed like a really great little tool to help me balance/modify the ignition and fuel maps in my car which are completely out of wack due to forced induction. It works by allowing me to connect a laptop to my ECU through the SMT-6, and read the actual realtime maps, as well as datalogging. I tried to make do with an FMU before, but I've since learned that with the many sensors on my car, it'll never run right unless I tune them for the new air-fuel mixtures. Saving up some cash to get a custom chip programmed for my car, I started to do some reading on EMS units, and how they might benefit me. They all seemed perfect for what I needed to do except for one thing, price, $2200 USD for example! :eek:
Quickly closing my browser window in disappointment, I started to re-read my "Supercharged! How to..." book by corky bell, which mentioned the existance of PiggyBack units. I then did another search and came across the SMT-6. It seemed to be just the tool I needed, and for $540 CDN, I figured it was right in my price range since a custom chip + dyno time would probably cost around the same. The unit will be able to control things like my MAF, Ignition, Air/Fuel, vanos, injector size, etc etc etc.
Quickly after, I called up CanSpeed out in Barrie to talk to their reps about the unit, and ended the call with a big smile on my face :) Their reps were more than a pleasure to talk with, and were more than eager to answer any questions or concerns I had, and even explained to me that they would offer full support if I needed their help setting the unit up for the first time on my car.
Well after that, I was sold, I gave out my CC# and purchased the unit. 2 days later it arrived in the mail (free shipping btw), and now I'm more eager than ever to install this puppy on my wiring loom. I'll most likely be tackling the scary task of splicing the unit onto my car this weekend, soo....

I'm simply wondering if anyone on here has any prior experience with the SMT-6, or perhaps any EMS unit and would be willing to allow me to shoot you off some questions from time to time?
CanSpeed will get me off to a start, but I'm almost certain they're not going to hold my hand every day while I learn how to tune my car, so I need someone else to bug :D

For all those who want to see what the unit looks like:

07-08-2004, 07:10 PM
DJ: Congrats on the unit, sorry I can't help with the tech tho:confused:

paul christians
07-09-2004, 05:49 PM
next year for me

Andy N
07-11-2004, 04:07 AM
Give Paul a call from Neetronics he is one of the best custom tuners that I know.


Justin e36
07-12-2004, 01:19 PM
SMT-6 is a nice little thing...I've been reading up on them for quite a while now actually.

I've used EMS systems for the new Jetta's.. (the plug is right under the dashboard.. so sweet. can keep your laptop in to read real-time diagnostics and make adjustments as you're driving) ... every sensor can be monitored, controlled, adjusted, etc. (i.e. the doors lock themselves when you reach 15km/h ... you can change this. the sound of the interior chime, horn, etc.)

best part are the real-time engine diagnostics and graphs... awesome tool to tune your engine.