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01-02-2002, 09:14 PM
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After months and months of planning, my ride is finally complete. About a month ago all of the work went under way for my 330 ci. After about 2 weeks of waiting it was finally ready to be put into its first show *tear* and it won its class.

This little European wonder turns head everywhere it goes now as a part of one of the many NRG rides out there. Equipped with its Hamann performance racing skirts and carbon fibre trim, this rides looks to be one of the sweetest and stands out from the many other beemahs out there.

The car has some very nice engine mods too which not only make it a sweet lookin car, but a fast machine to beat. So far no one has been able to beat me and this is thanks to the 260 hp engine which it has under the hood. The car comes stock with 225 hp and since I have added a Dinan Carbon Fibre Air intake, Dinan Stage 2 Chip modifications and the Dinan sport exhaust.

My future plans for this ride may include some Hamann pg2 rims with a Dinan supercharger, but for now, its just what I was dreaming of.