View Full Version : Question regarding brake rotors

07-08-2004, 01:00 AM
Sorry guys, I've been feelin like such a noob lately especially with all these questions.

Anyways, How can I tell if I need new rotors or not ?

From looking at a set of cross drilled rotors, how can you tell how much life it has left and how can you tell if they're warped ?

Whenever I go into the dealership they tell me i need new rotors but the brakes feel just fine to me. So is there a way to tell visually the condition of the rotor?

07-08-2004, 02:08 AM
well number one, if you are using stock rotors w/ pads and are getting squeeking then check, if you are getting steering wheel vibrations while braking, then check, if you are getting a stop that is more like jolting then check, check fronts and rears, you can clearly see the thickness, if your getting jolting and vibra of the wheel, then it is possible one(+) are warped, replace with brembo cross drilled, nickle cadium pladded to keep from rusting, now if you have dustless (ceramic) pads then light squeeking at the begging or after they are hot is ok, if disks are low, normally the are about 1cm on each side (double sided) then time to replace. hope it helps

07-08-2004, 05:25 AM
Ima break it down to you...
Is your steering wheel vibrating when you brake?? if yes then your rotors are warped.
What is and causes warp?? Warp is an uneven or high spot on the rotor disc from normal wear and tear.To avoid warp,stay away from water touching your brake discs (puddles,car wash etc. etc.) when your brakes are hot.For example,say youve been driving on the highway for awhile and you got off the highway and went into a puddle.....that can cause warp.Also,worn out brake pads can cause warp because of the metal to metal contact.A visual inspection isnt enough to determine if you need new rotors or not.....