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06-23-2002, 02:25 AM
I know most of you saw it already, but I just found a text in english WTF is that guy saying.


Speaker: In the time of 7 Minutes and 49 Seconds the X5 lemans did the 20.8 km long Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Up to now it was told to be nearly impossible to break the magic '8 minute mark' with cars like this [only few mods..]

the man who did the impossible is telling us his secrets...

Stuck: Now we can start ;-)

Speaker: Unbelievable: That's the sound of the 12 cylinders!

Stuck: Hello, good day to you. my name is Hans Harald Stuck and i'm proud to show you what the BMW X5 lemans is able to do.

To be allowed to drive with such car is a really nice experience..

Youth dreams become reality: Superb performance at any time, connected with the all-wheel drive...

Driving such a round time in such a car was even a special experience for me: The top speed was about 309 km/h (kilometers per hour, Kilometer per Stunde, Stundenkilometer) and you sit a bit increased [in height] in the X5...

Now, let's go to the long straight and see how the car performs:

As you can see, speed rises to 260 (km/h) in a very short time!
The car needs a bit longer to reach the top speed of over 300 km/h but you have to take into consideration that the X5 weights about two tons and that the X5 was not ment to be a sportscar [Stuck is talking about the CW-Value, the value of wind resistance].

Now in these long corners you feel the great handling the car has.
Due to the four-wheel drive the X5 does not understeer or oversteer in any situation.

The surprising thing is, that the car is nothing else than a series-produced X5, with a different engine.

Now we see the core component of the BMW X5 Lemans, the 12 cylinder engine, which was successful at the 24 hours race in lemans. This engine fits very good into the X5, and provides the X5 lemans with what it needs: Full performance [more than it would actually need].

Speaker: Talking about the chassis and the look of the 700 PS [700 german Pferdestärken are about 690 hp] X5 lemans, there were only minor changes made [in comparison to the series X5].

No weight was saved, the luxury of the standard X5 remained..

A series-produced 6-Gear manual transmission has been installed to the car...

BMW build the lemans Version of the X5 in only 4 Month!

In the end Stuck says that the car has a fantastic handling, even if it has thrice as much power than the standard X5.

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also check this track time list


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Haha, thats insane!! Who ever thought an SUV would dust all those cars?

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ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooops wrong board

wha?? that list wasn't for us?:huh?:

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wha?? that list wasn't for us?:huh?:

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