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Memorize this site:


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Hot clutch shudder is common on many newer BMWs, my 318iS has is once or twice a year and my old E30 318iS had it once. When the clutch gets VERY hot it will judder when first or second gear is engaged. This happens in town driving after the car has been driven for a very long time. It is more common in hot countries and only happens to me in the summer. It can happen regardless of clutch age and may be due to a non-asbestos lining on the clutch plate. It is claimed that BMW dealers have a replacement part to cure the problem but if this is the case why do new cars still do it?

what does judder mean???

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Originally posted by 328is_Perf
what does judder mean???

Buzzing and vibrating. My 535 did this as the clutch wore. It was definitely due to age (but he says the regardless of age is only on newer cars) but it would not judder while it was cold. But after a day's of driving, when I'd launch it in first, it would buzz and slip as it engaged.

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Some of his facts are kinda scary when you think about....I'm checking to see how much money I have in my backup account........But I'm sure alot of other cars have just as much or maybe more problems.....

That's a good site for the newbies who are looking into buying a Bimmer and they always ask what to expect....now you just have to point them to that page...