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05-29-2004, 05:40 PM
hey guys...

I just want to thank everyone who supported me.

I'm not a scammer and had no intentions to sell Tom wheels
he is not happy with. I hope he can solve his problem wih
the wheels. As fas as I know, I did not scam him "tominizer"
or anybody else I have ever delt with.

I wish Tom all the best.

here is a message I received from him.

"Ok, I'll end this. I'm not totally happy but I'll agree it's not really your fault. There was no way to put them on the car with rubber and test them............so, yeah............ I fuked up taking a chance. Best I could do was have them spun and that what we did. I wasn't happy that you told me they would tuck in and then they didn't and thus why I vented. Compound this wheel issue with you with the fact that I got scammed that week on a Neuspeed Short shift kit as the guy sent me the wrong linkage and screwed me............. that made for two for two in fuk-ups and I was pissed. So I vented out. I'm usually the over cautious type as I've been building cars for some time now.

Anyways, sorry for the grief. I had the mods erase to Feedback post. And no I had no input into the erasing of your thread. Anyways, looks like you have most of the support from everyone on the board no I guess no harm done....."


05-29-2004, 05:42 PM