View Full Version : FS: OEM E46 amber front, side & rear lenses

05-28-2004, 07:57 PM
hey guys,

OEM amber turn signal lenses from 2003 E46 available. Fronts and sides will fit any 02+ sedan or wagon, plug and play installation. Rears will fit any E46 wagon/Touring. All pieces are straight off my 2003 325i and are in excellent condition.

Also available:OEM red LED centre brake light for a Touring (although i admit very few of you out there probably need one of these).

Looking for $100 obo for the fronts/sides, and $150 OBO for the rears. $75 OBO gets you the LED strip. Perfect replacement for anyone with scratched/smashed lenses...anyone who's replaced their lenses know how much these cost at the $$$tealer. I am willing to sell any of these pieces separately.

Open to any offers, email me at nospammaaron328@hotmail.com, taking off nospamm from the front of the address.

I haven't taken any pics of the stuff, if anyone asks i will take some, but it's all standard OEM stuff and in top condition (no scrtaches or pits, and all bulbs in working order).

Thanks for looking,


05-31-2004, 01:19 PM
No offense but we ALL have these lens stock, and have swapped out to clears... you may have probs getting much for them..