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05-28-2004, 05:54 PM
I love my 318i and am so hurt that I must get rid of it. The a/c blows very cold! and the heater is hot!
The cars odometer is false, but I would guess the car has about 250000 miles on it. The body is perfect but the engine has at least one worn rod bearing. It runs great and I have been driving it daily since December.
I have a list of parts, common wear parts, that I have replaced and most of the receipts.
I would like to get $1800 for the car so I can at least get my money out of it.
Also the car has Kumho HP4s that have aobut 1000 miles on them. If I get $1800 will give you two extra wheels.
I purchased the car from my 83 year old Grandpa who has had it 13 years and only drive it on Sundays to church.
I have replaced the seats and they look great.
Any offer will be considered, just don't low ball me I have to buy another car with my savings and what I get for the 318i.

1984 318i
five speed
3.91 LSD
Newer leather seats
Plugs (Bosch Platniums), wires, cap and rotor replaced last week.
Fuel fitler.
I have a set of injectors, but the ones on the car are fine.
Just replaced the front pads and all new rear, including drums, cylinders, shoes, and I went ahead and replaced the master to have a completely new system.
Siefari Biege exterior.
I will post some pictures when I can find my camera, but for now just tell me if you might be interested.

06-02-2004, 03:19 AM